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In recent years, we have become large juice marketers for the food and beverage industry. Today, we are global NFC Juice producer, Juices concentrates and Citrus fruits in different formats and states.

Quality and technology

For us the fruit is synonymous with health and pleasure, that’s why we select all the fruit that we processs, guaranteeing our clients the higher quality, flavor and freshness in our products. 

Great taste

We let the great taste of simple ingredients. Just a tasty balance of healthy goodness with which you can feel good. It is what makes Frozen Fruit Spain is a brighter option.


Frozen Juice Spain forma parte de un grupo empresarial que cultiva y suministra zumos para la industria alimentaria y de bebidas. Somos productores de zumos NFC y proveedores de concentrados de zumo.

Un producto totalmente natural con muy poco procesamiento, nuestros zumos NFC, especialmente nuestro zumo de naranja NFC y limón NFC está repleto de los refrescantes sabores de las naranjas y limones españoles madurados al sol, y también cuenta con un impresionante perfil nutricional. Somos fabricantes de zumo NFC.

Nuestra empresa ha estado a la vanguardia de los zumos NFC, los zumos concentrados y el suministro de cítricos frescos durante los últimos diez años y cuenta con una amplia base de clientes internacionales.

También ofrecemos concentrados desionizados para endulzar de forma natural, disponibles en variedades clarificadas y turbias, incluyendo nuestro concentrado de zumo de naranja 60 – 65ºbrix, concentrado de zumo de limón brix – 400,500 GPL o puré de fresa concentrado. Somos productores de zumo concentrado.

Frozen Juice Spain es consciente de la importancia de la mejora continua para ofrecer los mejores productos a nuestros clientes, como lo demuestra nuestra constante inversión en investigación, desarrollo e innovación, siendo líderes en la distribución de zumos con una enorme gama de productos para la venta al por mayor que van desde, pero no se limitan a, Zumos NFC, concentrados de zumo, purés, pulpas de células o aceites esenciales.

Nuestros productos

Zumo de cítricos

Disponemos de una amplia variedad de zumos de cítricos en diferentes estados, NFC, Concentrado o puré. Nuestros cítricos son un conjunto de frutas que pueden ser agrias o agridulces, pero que siempre son muy jugosas y aromáticas

Berry Juice

Our berries are a source of antioxidants that improve skin and health, they contain the largest amount of antioxidants and vitamin C. Check our purés and concentrates.

Summer Fruits and Vegetables Juice

We have a large selection of NFC, Purees and Concentrates of fruit and vegetables, always with the best selection and quality from the Mediterranean área.

Fresh citrus

Thanks to our sustainable agriculture practices and respect for the environment, we obtain the best varieties of clementine, orange and lemon.
Our products are packaged in different formats such as: boxed, mesh, gersac, cardboard, plastic and wood.

Concentrates Juices

Our business group are Worldwide suppliers of Fruit Juice Concentrates, ranging from Orange to Lemon and Berries fruit in between. The puree juice is concentrated and filtered into a liquid which can be used in a multitude of applications or even simply diluted back to pure juice strength.


NFC Juices

Simply squeezed and pasteurized, without adding or removing anything, NFC Orange Juice and NFC Lemon Juice retain virtually all the nutritional benefits of the orange,

To place an order or request any information, send us an email. You can also take a look at our orange concentrate and our range of other NFC fruit juices, including NFC Red Grapefruit, NFC Mandarin, Pulp cells and Purees


High Quality Fruits – Made in Spain

Working with local agricultural producers who are both partners and suppliers, means that the company has direct access to a wide variety of crops near our factories. Our suppliers have extensive experience in agricultural production which allows Frozen Juices Spain to obtain high quality fruits. The proximity of the crops to the plant and the speed of processing of the products guarantees maximum freshness.


Produce and offer the best concentrated juice and NFC citrus, berries and vegetables. Always high quality and be the leading brand in Europe for consumers, in a society that values us for who we are and what we do


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